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Choose Your Solution

Longview makes performance management software that drives an advantage for businesses competing in the Now business reality. We empower the office of finance and tax with critical insights to plan, budget, forecast, close, analyze, and report.  From the office of finance and tax to field offices and beyond, our software allows you to pressure test and validate assumptions and inspire highly competitive, in-the-present decision making.

We empower our users to:

  1. Collect and organize their critical information delivering clarity and hindsight into what happened

  2. Plan collaboratively leveraging the agility of our born-in-the-cloud software enabling them to project outcomes and gain foresight

  3. Deliver powerful reporting and analytics to unlock the critical insights they need to make in-the-now decisions to lead their business

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All of Longview’s business solutions are powered by a unified core platform that seamlessly aligns business processes; delivering accuracy, efficiency and insight. Core capabilities surround your data assets and support a suite of business-centric, out-of-box solutions which solve your critical business challenges. Now, with our powered by Tidemark solution, we leverage the computing and storage elasticity of the public cloud to manage any data, at any scale, and run calculations in real-time. With an HTML5 consumer-like user experience, your organization can collaborate in planning cycles, run predictive what-if scenarios, and understand performance.


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Implementation Approach:  
Quickly Realizing the Benefits of Longview


Key stakeholders collaborate on mapping business requirements, processes and key performance metrics. Project scope is established. Project objectives established. A work-plan and timeline is set.

Team Mobilization

Key to the success of the project team are the subject-matter experts.  Longview professionals have a technical background in finance and tax and at least one year of training before they work alongside your organization's experts.  The same team is mobilized and with you for the life of your project.


Our experts work with your professionals on a well-conceived, complete, and accurate design. The integrated project team analyzes current business processes in detail to isolate gaps and highlight opportunities. Our design approach incorporates an iterative cycle of design, prototype, review, and modification. Longview applies industry best practices and superior performance management strategies ensuring the business solution is the most effective for your organization. The final design supports effective resource utilization and project cost containment.


Your platform is configured to support business process requirements and technical requirements as defined during design.

System Test

Our best practice QA tests results, test cases, test cycles, a change control process, and stress testing. The system test is a complete end-to-end testing of the new business process, and secures acknowledgement from the user community prior to application rollout.


We get to roll-out as efficiently and effectively as possible. And, we stick around to make sure the new business processes measure up against the original business objectives to ensure success and acceptance.


Our implementation team will support our customers' move when they are ready to transition to a full-tenant cloud environment.  Starting in the cloud?  Our implementation will get you there, quickly.