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Using Sarbanes Oxley to Initiate a Strategic Tax Technology Roadmap

Inhale..... exhale...... deep...... slow...... step back..... think ahead. Imagine an end-to-end tax solution and process that is SOX compliant and enables your CFO, your auditors, or your Audit Committee to drill down on the income tax footnote and see the math behind the tax disclosures shortly after closing. A day when tax closes simultaneously with corporate accounting, with the accuracy required to file tax returns, all in accordance with well thought out and well executed tax plans. Imagine inverting the tax workload from 80% data manipulation and compliance to 80% planning and tax risk management. You can imagine the downstream effect on the tax defense process. Seven years later you can still see the rationale, the math, and the audit trail behind your global income tax numbers. In this new world with an end to end tax solution you are no longer putting out fires. You are in control. You have the luxury to be strategic, delivering value to your company and shareholders like never before.