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Transforming Finance: The Path to Effective Corporate Performance Management

By John Power, President, Longview

Each move of an accomplished chess player is preceded by reflective consideration. Where am I now? Where am I headed? Am I making the right moves at the right time? Am I on track strategically? If not, how do I correct my position?

If you’re a decision-maker that is actively involved in the strategic planning and direction setting for your organization, these questions should be familiar to you. You determine where the company is; decide on a destination; chart a course; give directions; set goals; lead the troops; measure progress; and report to stakeholders. Sounds simple; but managing today’s enterprise is an extremely complex undertaking compounded by the harsh and unforgiving nature of today’s economic and regulatory climate.

In response to these pressures and to the rapidly growing complexity of today’s business environment, a growing number of organizations of all sizes are implementing Corporate Performance Management solutions to achieve a better-managed and optimally performing organization.