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A Revolutionary Approach to Financial Planning and Analysis | Longview Plan, powered by Tidemark

Enterprise-level financial planning and analysis is an essential part of any successful business infrastructure. However, it can be difficult for larger organizations to efficiently and effectively leverage the myriad of important data they collect from a variety of disparate systems. Ultimately, many businesses are limited by their FP&A tools, resulting in missed opportunities, reduced growth and decreased financial return.

Tidemark has developed an intuitive, easy-to-use cloud-first computational platform that provides enterprise-level clients a variety of essential tools, including:

• Headcount planning
• Revenue planning
• Operational planning
• Financial consolidation

Powerful Technology for 21st Century Challenges

As the pace of growth and change continues to accelerate for enterprises, it becomes increasingly critical for individuals in leadership roles to have a clear view of their business performance at all times. Rather than waiting for data to be collected, collated then interpreted by others, business leaders can easily view and act upon current trends thanks to Tidemark’s innovative financial planning and analysis software.

Designed to meet the needs of companies across a variety of industries, Tidemark’s corporate performance management software engages users at the front-lines of their business, allowing for real-time data collection, analysis and, most importantly, action in response to current conditions. This innovative approach to financial planning and analysis ensures the vital details of any business are constantly accessible to those responsible for developing the tactical strategies necessary for success.

A Reputation For Excellence

Tidemark’s cloud-first computational platform can be easily deployed and scaled across any enterprise. For those needing real-time insight into the current state of their business, Tidemark’s corporate performance management software is a powerful and effective solution. With clients ranging from multi-national corporations to prestigious academic institutions, Tidemark has transformed the way these organizations maximize their success.