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Financial Statement Analysis That Keeps the Big Picture in Focus | Longview Plan, powered by Tidemark

Financial Health Is a 24/7 Priority

The unique demands placed on enterprises in today’s fast-paced environment have prompted a dramatic shift in the way decision makers collect and evaluate metrics. These changes have been brought about by the wide geographical footprint corporations have and the level of detail and intricacy needed when goods and services are manufactured and delivered to a myriad of clients, customers and collaborators around the world.

In order for decision makers to understand the overall health of their operations, they must have access to real-time performance analysis tools that are embedded within the cross-section of activities and tasks employees do on a daily basis. Without this information, it’s difficult for business intelligence to keep up with business actions. Business leaders are then forced to make decisions regarding financial health and operational growth without having the data to ensure successful outcomes.

The financial health of your business should not be left up to chance. Tidemark’s financial statement analysis software ensures that corporate leaders have an immediate and comprehensive data resource at their disposal. With Tidemark’s Planning and Analytics Platform, the guessing game is over.

Revolutionizing Financial Accountability and Resource Allocation

Knowing where your business’ financial assets are being distributed can be quite difficult, particularly in scenarios where payroll and billing require separate teams. Leaders that hope to capture the details of current financial statements are often forced to wade through hundreds of reports and spreadsheets, the majority of which have been produced by legacy systems that constrict information sharing to real-world exchange.

As more business interaction is occurring on the web, the technical constraints imposed by pre-existing data collection and presentation tools have become more than a simple burden: it is a formidable obstruction to future growth and development.

Tidemark’s new financial statement analysis software helps you:

  • Evaluate, explore and share vital financial information instantly over the cloud.
  • Engage in fast-paced, cloud-driven collaboration and information sharing with colleagues around the world.
  • Access vital business metrics from personal devices anywhere, at any time.

The need for a turnkey financial analysis software package that accommodates the scale and depth of enterprise-level business interactions has never been greater. Tidemark’s financial statement analysis software can quickly be integrated into pre-existing corporate frameworks and state-of-the-art, multi-level global business platforms.

In-Depth Analysis, Immediate Feedback

The key strength of Tidemark’s financial statement analysis tools is the relative ease by which complex data sets from disparate information sources can be assembled into easy-to-understand charts and visualizations. The need for teams of data analysts and spreadsheet super users has been reduced due to the intuitive control schemes found within the Tidemark platform.

Those tasked with the responsibility for making important decisions and managing daily logistical hurdles have access to:

  • An in-depth collection of purpose-built data visualizations, all of which can be configured and shared at the touch of a button.
  • Dynamic, real-time reporting functionality that ensures the latest information is brought to the attention of those who need it.
  • Historical and current reporting and archiving that allows for trend comparisons and instant access to all relevant information.

Stay One Step Ahead of Tomorrow Challenges

There’s never been a better time to explore the potential value of your organization’s “big data”. With Tidemark’s financial statement analysis software, business leaders can leverage meaningful and impactful correlations and deductions that can propel their business forward.