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Financial Reporting Software that Delivers the Big Picture | Longview Plan, powered by Tidemark

Strong Businesses are Built on Strong Data

The standard leadership hierarchy has been designed to promote efficiency and productivity in the workplace. That being said, the sheer volume of information that must be collated, assessed and presented to decision makers and strategists has made it nearly impossible for businesses to respond to the fast-pace of the 21st century global economy using traditional analytics tools.

In a world of commerce where information sharing, communication and strategic development occur at near-instantaneous rates of speed, it is risky to assume that yesterday’s metrics offer an accurate perspective of what is happening today. If, for example, a financial analyst must spend days or weeks to process and compute the current financial health of the organization, the data and insights obtained are likely to become obsolete by the time they reach the final decision maker.

It is common knowledge that the tools of any profession must be adapted to the unique challenges of the environment in which they are used. Today’s financial reporting software must be capable of delivering accurate, comprehensive metrics instantly. This type of performance is essential to ensure that decisions are reinforced by up-to-date information.

Keep Your Team On Track With Data That Everyone Understands

Data is only as valuable as an individual’s capacity to act upon the insights it reveals. In order to reap optimal benefits from daily, weekly or monthly metric analysis, data must be presented in a way to ensure that:

  • The time and effort needed to analyze the data doesn’t reduce overall workplace efficiency.
  • The possibility of incorrect or faulty analysis is extremely small.

Tidemark’s innovative financial reporting software has drawn inspiration from the classic storyboard, transforming this age-old method of storytelling and narrative display into Storylines, a powerful utility that is seamlessly integrated into the Tidemark platform. Storylines offers users the ability to undertake a variety of tasks that previously would take days or weeks to complete. These include:

  • Creating data visualizations that combine operational and financial data with unstructured data.
  • Rapid assembly and sharing of ‘big picture’ analysis that features today’s vital business metrics.
  • Exploration of various scenarios and fiscal strategies and assessment of predicted results.

By harnessing the potential of today’s cloud technology, Tidemark has ensured that business leaders can quickly share important information with colleagues at the touch of a button. Any confusion or questions related to the data can be expressed and resolved at a moment’s notice.

Purpose-Built Data Visualizations For All Aspects of Daily Operations

The pre-built Storylines featured in Tidemark’s financial reporting software offers comprehensive coverage of a wide range of issues, such as:

  • Overall business health, made possible through evaluation of key performance indicators.
  • Profitability, including case-by-case analysis of various factors contributing to or reducing overall profit.
  • People planning, which includes factors such as headcount planning, workforce compensation, candidate pools and employee tenure.
  • Forecasting trends and forecast variances, both of which allow business leaders to more effectively plan for future development.

Financial Reporting Software Designed For Tomorrow’s Challenges

Many business owners dread when their outdated business software must be replaced in order to maintain industry-standard performance. Not only is this a significant financial investment, it is also requires a substantial investment of time and energy in order to ensure that all employees are fluent in the new utilities that support daily operations.  Thanks to a reduced learning curve, flexible integration within pre-existing business infrastructure and no-nonsense data assessment and presentation, Tidemark’s financial reporting software is built to help organizations make real-time data-driven decisions.