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Cutting-Edge Financial Analytics Software for Today's Economy | Longview Plan, powered by Tidemark

The difference between success and failure is often measured in terms of numbers and percentages. Failing to meet financial targets by a fractional amount can shatter consumer confidence and decrease public investment. Miscalculating price points and product availability can lead to disastrous financial consequences. Ultimately, the prosperity of a business is directly linked to the attention devoted to logistics. Because of this, business analyticshave become one of the most essential and widely discussed topics among industry experts around the globe.

Tidemark’s financial analytics software has been designed to meet the needs of today’s business owners. Featuring a scalable design and intuitive interface, Tidemark’s financial analytics software suite can quickly be integrated. Tidemark’s software can facilitate micro and macro-scale examinations of a variety of daily factors that may have a direct influence on the overall health of your businesses.

  • Product pricing
  • Employee payroll
  • Consumer interest
  • Supply chain logistics

Essential Business Analytics, Right When You Need Them

One of the more significant weaknesses of the late-20th century business model was the amount of time needed to compile various data points related to a wide variety of business functions into a spreadsheet that was accurate and comprehensible. More often than not, the “current” information collected by analysts was rendered obsolete by the time it reached the hands of leaders and decisions makers.

Prior to globalization and the digitization of economic enterprises, the pace of business was exponentially slower, which allowed larger companies to remain competitive in situations where the information used for strategic decisions was marginally outdated. Although smaller businesses may have had to close shop in situations where their financial planning and analysis or predictions resulted in a loss of profit, more established corporations were largely insulated from this type of flux.

No longer, however, are these protections available. Globalization has brought with it an entirely new arena of competition, where key players in nations around the world are vying for the attention of online consumers who can just as easily order a product from domestic suppliers as they could international retail chains.  Because of this, the need for up-to-the-minute financial analytics has truly never been greater.

Tidemark’s financial analytics software has been designed to ensure that pertinent information is available precisely when it is needed. After integrating Tidemark’s financial analytics software into pre-existing business operations, decision makers and individuals will better be able to:

For business owners and decision makers, Tidemark’s financial analytics software will be an invaluable resource, delivering essential data to business owners who may be juggling dozens of tasks simultaneously.

Next Generation Technology For Today’s Generation of Business Owners

Tidemark’s financial analytics software can be used to greatly improve the efficiency and impact of your operations. Contact Tidemark today to learn more about the wide array of tools available in this comprehensive business resource.