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Corporate Performance Management Software That Keeps You on the Front Lines | Longview Plan, powered by Tidemark

The burden business executives and their organizations carry to meet and exceed financial objectives grows heavier on a quarter-to-quarter basis. As technologies advance, global competition and increased costs of doing business has made it clear that “business-as-usual” could lead to the “end-of-the-line”. Organizations must adapt to the changing landscape of the 21st century by planning and analyzing their businesses in ways they haven’t in the past, and at a level of granularity that accommodates and addresses both relevant business questions and the Big Data behind the answers.

Tidemark’s corporate performance management software provides finance and operational leaders and managers a way to budget, plan, forecast and predict outcomes for their businesses, leverage the historical, transactional, external, and benchmark data sources needed at any scale. 

Tidemark’s process-based, computational cloud environment opens a new world to enterprises that need to plan with business processes as their first priority. Thanks to an intuitive user experience on web and mobile platforms, the days of one-off, non-scalable spreadsheets, and multidimensional cubes that box your plans into a corner are over. Tidemark’s planning and analytics cloud has enabled enterprises in the following industries to reimagine their businesses:

Tidemark Business Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning Cloud That Transforms to Your Specific Needs

One of the most exciting features found in Tidemark’s corporate performance management software is a “cube-less” cloud computing architecture that offers packaged metrics and processes that allows for rapid implementation in a variety of in-demand industries. Industry leaders, like HubSpotCollaborative SolutionsReddyIce and Brown University use Tidemark’s business budgeting software for:

Critical business metrics typically take weeks to uncover. Today, the economy is powered by informed, up-to-date decisions and comprehensive knowledge. Thanks to Tidemark’s innovative and flexible approach to data collection, organization, and presentation, there’s no limit to how this powerful corporate performance management software can be integrated and used. In scenarios where quick decisions make the difference between increased revenue and financial loss, Tidemark ensures that the information needed to make the right decision is instantly available.