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Business Forecasting Software Optimized for Today's Challenges | Longview Plan, powered by Tidemark

If you were to ask any entrepreneur or corporate executive what makes today’s economic climate different than what it was a decade ago, they’ll likely to respond with a simple phrase: “faster pace and increased responsibility”. Although the introduction of the interconnected, buzzing global economy has worked miracles for those seeking to establish fruitful collaborations with creative and hard workers around the globe, a world of infinite possibility that we experience today also creates a scenario where quick, strategic decisions are the norm.

To ensure that managers, owners and corporate executives have the information they need to properly assess current logistics and respond with well-timed, highly effective business decisions, Tidemark has developed powerful business forecasting software that takes the guess work out of leadership. Thanks to Tidemark’s business forecasting software, a variety of essential data can be accessed at the touch of button, all of which can help promote:

  • Responsible fiscal policy
  • Effective workforce planning
  • Pragmatic short-term and long-term strategy

Complete Connectivity, On-The-Go Analysis

Whether a business is located in a single office complex or dispersed across the country, Tidemark’s business forecasting software can be quickly integrated into pre-existing frameworks. Featuring a cloud-based architecture and real-time data flow, there’s virtually no limit to where or when vital business analytics can be accessed, compiled or shared.

No longer are business leaders required to wait weeks for spreadsheets to be assembled or interpreted before planning goals and objectives. For those whose economic financial health depends upon a myriad of distributors, suppliers, employees and collaborators, up-to-the-second data is extremely valuable. Tidemark’s business forecasting software features a suite of powerful analysis tools that eliminate the need for time-intensive data collection and entry processes to produce insightful charts and graphs. Instead, business owners can take advantage of a consistent stream of fresh data to act on the story behind the numbers.

Flexible Design, Intuitive Control

Tidemark’s business forecasting software differentiates from competitors with its adaptable design and short learning curve. Examples of organizations that have benefitted from Tidemark’s software include:

In each scenario, decision makers have been able to accurately gauge consumer interest, ramifications of pricing adjustments, and workplace efficiency.