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Business Budgeting Software That Runs at the Speed of Now | Longview Plan, powered by Tidemark

All too often we’ve heard prospective clients discuss the difficulties associated with accurately assessing the current status or health of their company. Larger enterprises often collect troves of data that, while capable of providing revealing insight into various aspects of daily operations, are difficult to decipher and often require weeks or months of analysis before proving to be helpful.

Although this method of collection and interpretation may have been acceptable in the past, the speed at which the global economy continues to evolve has made it critical for business owners and managers to have up-to-date financial planning and analysis available at all times.

Tidemark’s acclaimed corporate performance management software has been designed in direct response to the needs of today’s industry leaders. By creating a comprehensive, single-platform analytics suite, we have helped countless businesses:

• improve both short-term and long-term decision making.
• reduce financial risk.
• enhance overall business performance.

An Intuitive, All-In-One Approach To Business Budgeting Software

Unlike the vast majority of products available on the market today which require dozens of software updates, add-ons and plug-ins, our cloud-based corporate performance management software offers users a suite of invaluable utilities at the touch of a button. Instead of dealing with the frustration of user manuals and learning curves, users can quickly interact with a cloud-first computational platform that has been designed with clarity and functionality as top priorities.

Clients who have integrated Tidemark’s business budgeting software into their existing operations have noticed significant improvements in a variety of critical areas, including:

• revenue planning
• personnel management
• expense tracking
• supply chain management