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Budgeting and Forecasting Tools for Tomorrow's Challenges | Longview Plan, powered by Tidemark

Preparing for The Future Has Never Been So Rewarding

Ask any senior executive what particular attribute can make or break an aspiring corporate leader, and the answer will most likely be “the ability to plan ahead”. The challenges and unpredictability that confronted yesterday’s decision makers have increased in today’s fast-paced economy. In response to this dynamic environment, the popularity of analytics tools capable of rapidly collecting and organizing vital statistics has soared.

Although predicting the future of any business enterprise can be somewhat dubious, the insight that comprehensive data can provide may reveal trends and patterns that significantly influence strategic planning sessions and policy meetings for businesses across a wide array of industries. The ability to retrieve vital business metrics will provide financial analysts and decision makers an immediate point of reference by which current performance and behaviors can be compared to previous case studies and scenarios.

In order for businesses to thrive in today’s competitive economic arena, they must leverage the lessons learned from their own financial and operational history and fuse it with a keen awareness of current trends. Ultimately, the need for a reliable budgeting and forecasting software suite has never been greater.

Strategy Is Only As Good As The Data That Supports It

The demand for timely, comprehensive data has increased due to the fact that the tempo in which business decisions are made has increased. Tidemark’s budgeting and forecasting software creates an easily understandable narrative framework in which detailed metrics are transformed into intuitive infographics that can be distributed across the organization.

With Tidemark’s budgeting and forecasting software, decision makers can:

  • Instantly view data collected by fellow executives, managers and other decision makers.
  • Share information and data with collaborators.
  • Input internal and external data to be used for budgeting and forecasting assessments (leveraging Workdayand Snaplogic)

Thanks to a rapid collection and presentation framework, business leaders can immediately analyze data collected throughout their organization. Tidemark’s budgeting and forecasting software processes “big” data and generates actionable infographics that present a comprehensive, easy-to-understand overview of performanceprofitability, personnel, and more. This level of immediacy ensures that all strategic decisions are supported by current and relevant information.

Forecasting Tools That Take The Guesswork Out of Business

Tidemark’s budgeting and forecasting software helps identify and evaluate key variables that contribute to or reduce overall profits. Detailed “what-if’ scenarios can be created which simulate the complexity of daily business operations and allow decision makers to observe the impact of various proposed changes to their infrastructure. This feature is particularly useful for:

Preparing For Tomorrow’s Opportunities

There is little doubt that the era of big data has arrived. Business leaders who leverage opportunities presented by detailed metric analysis will have a powerful base of support on which they can plan and execute intelligent and informed strategies for their company. Tidemark’s budgeting and forecasting software has become an indispensable component of businesses across the country who believe that the best decisions are built on facts. This is, undoubtedly, the future of corporate leadership in the 21st century.