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Best of Breed - Elevating Tax, Reengineering the Tax Function 

Longview’s suite of tax solutions leverage more than 20 years of innovation and experience in financial and tax reporting. Our solutions save you time, sharpen focus and provide a reliable foundation empowering tax departments to move from the back office to a strategic asset. Thousands of tax professionals rely on Longview to make strategic decisions and to run their tax functions, every day, around the globe.

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Tax Solution Suite Overview

With Longview, you have the most advanced tax technology platform, with solutions spanning the spectrum of tax reporting needs. Collect information reliably and sensitize it for the specific needs of tax. Unlock the value of your data through rich reporting and analytics and share it seamlessly with other tax applications. Longview Tax eliminates the burdens of data gathering and validation, clearing the way for strategic thinking and action.


Longview has been the financial reporting backbone for many of the worlds’ most prestigious companies for over 20 years. Using the same technology Longview Tax delivers unparalleled transparency, accuracy and efficiency to the hands of corporate tax teams.


Longview Tax provides the most advanced tax reporting solution available, allowing organizations to manage vast volumes of tax data while capturing insights to support strategic decision making. With a foundational platform and a comprehensive suite of solutions, Longview Tax can help transform your tax function into a strategic business asset.  

What Sets Longview Apart?

A Modern, Complete Platform

  • Solves Enterprise data challenges of all varieties and complexity
  • Solutions surrounded by powerful reporting andanalysis capabilities
  • Analytics unlock the strategic value of tax

Best-of-Breed, Autonomous

  • Tightly integrated with Finance systems but specifically designed for Tax
  • Seamlessly shares information with other tax applications
  • Managed and maintained by Tax

Commitment to Success

  • Care taken with each and every implementation
  • Longview works hand-in-hand with delivery partners
  • Corporate culture and commitment to building long-lasting partnerships

Working for Your Business

  • Quick to implement and out-of-box, but with flexibility to meet your needs
  • Incredibly agile to meet the evolving needs of tax
  • Cloud and on-premise deployments meet any IT strategy

Believe our clients



Provision & Reporting

Improve efficiency and reduce reporting risk.

Drive efficiency and reduce risk with a comprehensive solution for global tax accounting and reporting; supporting ASC 740 and IAS 12/34.


Plan Today. Prepare for Tomorrow

Analyze potential scenarios, simulate possible outcomes and project ahead to help guide strategic decision making across the organization.

Country by Country

Understand and shape the story

Gain insight into the story your data is telling tax authorities as they evaluate your global footprint. Understand your areas of risk and prepare to shape the narrative as country-by-country reporting arrives.

Operational Transfer Pricing

Execute in alignment with your strategy and policy

Actively monitor your organization’s execution, ensuring intercompany activities align with your global transfer pricing strategies.

Gather data, generate segmented reporting, perform allocations and monitor and adjust profitability. Longview’s central data engine brings together Actual and Forecast information, sensitizing it for the specific needs of transfer pricing and helping to ensure financial results meet policy objectives.

Task Management

Take control of your key tax processes

Gain immediate clarity into the status of tax activities around the globe with Task Management. Help organize your team, ensure deadlines are met and outcomes organized effectively.

Tax Analytics

Visualize. Analyze. React. 

Rapidly unlock the true value of your tax data through our pre-packaged reports and visualizations. Expand and grow as your needs evolve with a robust analytics design environment.

Data Hub

Base your guidance and decisions on reliable information

Alleviate the burden of data gathering and validation, centralizing information from across the organization and sensitizing it for the specific needs of tax. Seamlessly share your data with other applications and base your guidance and decision making on information you are confident is accurate.