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CFO’s are under pressure to stay ahead of the curve; to have constant awareness of what is ahead. Good data and critical insights are integral to survival.

Longview is committed to increased efficiency.  Faster close means more time for working smart. 

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What Sets Longview Apart?

With Longview, you can easily and quickly collect, store, analyze and report on your data in real-time anywhere, anytime on any device to gain deeper insights into your organizational performance and make better decisions.


Longview Consolidation’s out of box functionality is based on GAAP, IFRS and industry best practices.  Our customers are up and running in weeks, not months.  Consolidation apps that are easy to use and administer ensures you spend your time where you can deliver the most value -- in analysis.


No more late nights and weekends because your current system can’t handle complex consolidation requirements driving you back to the challenges of Excel. Longview Consolidation provides all the capabilities to handle the most complex consolidations in a single and unified solution.  

Believe our clients


Faster Close

Faster closing times, tighter controls and auditability, real-time consolidation, elimination of manual error-prone tasks, reduced risks, more time for data analysis and more accurate decision making - that is what is being asked of finance departments. 

Ready. Start. Grow

With pre-built dashboards and reports designed to connect seamlessly with your Longview Close and Plan applications, Analytics are immediately available; helping you quickly gain value and experience, while working to envision where you want to go next.

One Team. One Place. Unified Goal

Longview Close provides a central location for managing critical business processes including tracking tasks, defining workflows and team calendars and organizing documents.

After Data: The Other Half of the Reporting Story

With Certent™ Longview offers the only corporate reporting solution that offers clients the three key components of the Disclosure Management Cycle: a robust disclosure research and analytics platform, a comprehensive disclos, disclosure management application, expert implementation and XBRL support and services.