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The Best of Both Worlds: Tidemark Excel App for Microsoft Office

Witness the power of collaborative financial planning in the familiar world of Excel with the first fully immersed financial planning and analysis experience in Microsoft Office. The Tidemark Excel App for Microsoft Office combines the flexibility of FP&A spreadsheets and the ability to create narratives around organizational performance with FP&A storytelling. Maintain your existing process while engaging operations to gain insights, adjust course and drive higher levels of performance.

Model and Analyze Data the Way
You’re Used to

Get the Best Experience
Utilize a real-time planning and analytics platform that is scalable, secure and enables collaboration while maintaining the experience you’re accustomed to with Excel.

Leverage a Single Platform
Maintain data integrity and access any kind of data in real-time without leaving the comfort of the Excel interface.

See the Impact
Run real-time models in both Excel and Tidemark to see immediate impact based on certain variances.

Product Screenshots
Product Screenshots

Unlock Analytical Knowledge Trapped in Spreadsheets

Improve Your Capabilities
Brainstorm your models and calculations quickly, refine them, and capture them in repeatable planning and analytics processes.

Unlock Trapped Ideas
Free your models and analyses that were previously trapped in a static spreadsheet and avoid the challenges associated with Excel connectivity, scale or performance.

Get Your Information to Everyone
Spread your FP&A insights to drive better performance across the organization by leveraging Tidemark’s collaboration, in-context analysis, annotation, variance explanation, and modeling cloud infrastructure.

New Relic

The ability to automatically write-back into the Tidemark platform will eliminate countless hours of lost time and potential errors from exporting and uploading spreadsheet data.

Chris Garber, Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis and Investor Relations
Predictive Analytics
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Fall '14

Close the Gap Between Financial and Operational Planning

Centralized planning done by a select few is quickly disappearing in a mobile-first, connected and collaborative workforce. In this new digital economy, finance teams need to engage with their business operations counterparts to leverage internal and external data for forward-looking analysis. Fall ‘14 delivers new capabilities that help modern FP&A organizations collaborate internally to make more accurate plans and better decisions despite ongoing business change.

Move the Business Forward

Correlation, Causation and Predictive Analysis
Leverage correlation for customer basket analysis on point-of-sales data to inform physical product placement and promotion strategies. Use predictive analysis to drive alternate forecast scenarios.

Product Screenshots
Product Screenshots

Access Core FP&A Capabilities for Adaptable Planning Processes

Dynamic Dimensions
Add, remove or update dimension members without file-based data imports to manage evolving product lines, employee hiring plans and cost center changes.

Business Initiatives Planning with Timeline View, Lookup, Impact Metrics and Drillthrough
Unify transaction level detail and summarized planning data while continuously monitoring the impact of each line item.

Dynamic Aggregations and Intersecting Hierarchies
Aggregate and analyze across hierarchies and attributes with cube-less in-memory computational services. Allow evaluation of enterprise performance based on hundreds of different attributes.

Real-Time Updates to Processes and Workflows
Make changes without impacting work in progress planning, budgeting and forecasting cycles while ensuring that planning and analytical processes keep pace with the ever-changing business environment.

Contextual Variance Explanations
Enable users to include textual explanations for individual variances that can be rolled up into narratives and reports.

Big Data Finance

Big Data Consumption and Analysis
Use detailed internal and external data (i.e. point-of-sales and Bloomberg commodity price data) to enable new insight into business decisions.

Predictive Analytics
Product Screenshots

Better Business Decisions for Higher Accuracy in Planning

Support Any-By-Any Analysis
Enable your business operations counterparts in Marketing, Sales, HR and IT to self-reliantly gain a deeper insight into how products, departments, employees and regions impact financial performance.

Business Use Case You Are Trying To Tidemark Helps You Outcome
Store Analytics Identify products that should (or should not) be promoted or placed together Analyze PoS and receipt details data to understand product purchase correlations Optimized promotions and shelf placement for maximum revenue
Retail Forecasting Predict demand for items and create upsell opportunities Analyze customer profiles and coupon usage for expected demand, and build sales forecasts on new predictors Increase customer satisfaction and maximize upsell for profitability
Subscription Revenue Planning Forecast revenue based on cohorts of customers Dynamically aggregate customers as multiple cohorts to predict their purchase behavior Increase accuracy of sales plans and take real-time action to effect changes in customer behavior
People Planning Plan expenses for a new acquisition or cost center Easily add new acquisition to the planning process and complete driver-based expense planning without reloading cubes or filing IT tickets Dynamic planning with full contextual visibility impact of new expenses on key business metrics
Higher Education Identify the best social media campaign for highest possible alumni contributions Use machine learning and predictive models to analyze recent social media campaigns and identify the factors for high contributions Better understanding of internal and external data to influence future decisions
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Spring 14

Transformational Analytics for an Unpredictable World

Spring ‘14 introduces radically innovative ways to manage business, improve performance, and uncover new avenues for profit and growth. The 40 new innovations make planning models more flexible, in-context analysis more helpful, financial consolidation more collaborative, and access to decision-driving data easier than ever.

Discover Potential 'Plays' with Revolutionary Tidemark Playbooks

Manage Performance and Optimize Results
Understand the “plays” you want to make by providing highlight reels to understand the complete narrative of your company’s performance.

Identify and Act on Revenue-Driving Activities
Pinpoint and act on context-driven “plays” that were previously held hostage by cumbersome financial processes.

Actionable “Board Book” for the 21st Century
Add content directly within Tidemark and share real-time company performance information with stakeholders across the entire organization to model future outcomes.

Growth Plays this Week

Put Insights and Decision-Making in Everyone’s Hands

Advanced In-Context Analysis
Expand your analytics context beyond the current process to your entire application. You’ll progressively get more information as you explore.

Business Initiative Planning
Freely plan and create flexible models without being anchored to a rigid dimensional model.

Self-Service Configuration
Preview configuration changes before they go live in the application. This eliminates the need for separate development, testing and production environments and migrations.

Business Method Framework
Easily configure new calculations or modify existing ones to shrink implementation time and enable your organization to rapidly change even the most complex model.

Get Collaborative with
Financial Consolidation

Work Together, Eliminate the Close
Collaboratively understand financial impact, model outcomes and report performance in real time.

Focus on What Matters
Drive context within analytic processes and collaborative workflows to make critical data-driven decisions.

Financial Consolidation
New Relic

Tidemark customers have access to even more data in the context of their analytical processes, and in doing so they can protect their essential culture of data-driven decisions.

Bill Lapcevic, Vice President of Business Development, New Relic

Extract More Value from Your
Enterprise Cloud

Cloud-to-Cloud Integration Expansion
New Relic joins Tidemark’s Cloud-to-Cloud integration program to give richer context for real-time planning processes and make application data simpler to correlate, understand and act upon.

Big Data Financials
Inject application performance-related data into the planning process, you can make smarter, more informed decisions based on the metrics that matter most to you.

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