Tidemark Operational Planning

Successful operational plans ensure your day-to-day activities, sales initiatives and business processes are aligned with your strategic objectives. But too often, you can’t access the information you need to answer questions, measure processes, evaluate risk and take action.

Develop Accurate, Reality-Based Operational Plans

Define a clear sense of what you’re trying to achieve and determine how to get it done by bringing together financial and operational data with external sources to access a real-world view of the entire organization. Identify and track operational expenses at all levels, and then build plans and forecasts that reflect these realities.

  • Model the impact of operational drivers on profitability with real-time data
  • Configure operational metrics to business requirements
  • Link decisions to execution
  • Engage your decision makers with full functionality on any device

Work Around Your Business Processes

Leverage a consumer-grade mobile user interface so your decision makers can easily track processes and identify information to measure and analyze metrics that define success. Provide continuity throughout the organization by promoting communication and accountability to all decision makers.

Make operational planning an ongoing, organic part of the business

Recognize where your function fits within the organization's portfolio of expenses and revenues

Gain a clear understanding of factors that impact operational performance and cost efficiency

Connect Operational Drivers with Financial and External Data

Tidemark Operational Planning connects to your financial, operational, and transactional systems, as well as social and mobile systems. Through alliances and integrations with SnapLogic and Workday, Tidemark can import data from cloud and on-premise financial management, ERP, CRM and sales systems.

Get the Right Details to Take the Right Actions

Identify the processes most crucial to your success and determine the best way to measure efficiency and effectiveness. Discover what’s working and what isn’t, and pinpoint ways to improve operational processes. Access information you need to engage in day-to-day operational tasks, including:

  • Sales and supply chain planning
  • Capital planning
  • R&D
  • Project planning
  • Facilities management planning

Communicate Priorities in Ways Everyone Can Understand

Create accountability by articulating goals and objectives, and identifying the steps every function must take to reach them with Tidemark Storylines, intuitive and actionable infographic visualizations based on real-time data.

The Tidemark Advantage

Improve your operational planning with a flexible, scalable baseline for planning needs, including configured yet customizable processes, dimensions, and analytics. Achieve the following benefits: