Profitability App

Model and Analyze Profitability by Any Segment to Take More Informed Action

The Tidemark Profitability App empowers decision makers at all levels to visualize how the company is performing today and how decisions will impact profitability in the future. Tidemark brings together financial and operational data with external sources to provide transparency to what’s driving or hindering profitability.

  • View profitability by many different segments: customers, products, location and more.
  • Interact with data to simulate what-if plans and compare scenarios for driver-based planning.
  • Extend performance management beyond finance to the front lines where decisions are made.
Labor & Expense Planning App

A Better Decision Process

Tidemark apps present analysis and actions by process to engage more people in effective business performance management. Simply login, choose a process and begin working in context.

  • Run configurable processes for profitably modeling and analysis.
  • Forecast changes to profitability based on actions taken today.
  • Capture process details, including reports, collaborations, and actions taken for reference.

Time-saving Collaboration

Collaboration is more than a chat box. It’s part of the process. Tap to share a view with your process team and ask a question or make a recommendation.

  • Get fast feedback from the most relevant collaborators across the organization.
  • Focus your team on the information that matters by sharing your analysis and data.
  • Engage decision makers at all levels in the organization in performance management.
Tidemark - Profitability App

Informed Action

The Tidemark Profitability App offers a new kind of experience that connects operational drivers with financial and external data for better modeling and analysis. Decision makers at all levels can find the answer, understand the risk, and take action with a view across the entire business.

  • Understand risk with visibility into variances and the drivers pushing them.
  • Interact with data to simulate what-if plans and compare scenarios.
  • Visualize the impact of changes across the entire business with up-to-date data.

The Tidemark Difference

  • Deliver unprecedented access to more data in more ways with blazingly fast results.
  • Integrate internal systems and external data sources for a complete picture.
  • Grow your deployment and scale dynamically in a true multi-tenant cloud environment.
  • Plan, forecast, analyze and report on single business performance platform.
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