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Take a look at some of the key highlights of Longview Close solutions – delivering value at every turn

Standard Plug and Play Apps

  • The most plug and play applications in the industry
  • Easy to set up and maintain; low total cost of ownership
  • Longview continuously delivers innovation by providing monthly updates to existing applications and delivers new applications
  • Upgrading is painless since most of your application is plug and play versus complex bespoke solutions
  • Highly flexible and extendible to adapt to customer's unique business requirements

Real-Time Consolidation

  • Longview is always in a continuous consolidated state. Our innovative Consolidation engine performs all calculations in memory and in real-time as data is submitted for all consolidation levels. No more batch jobs!
  • Longview has artificial financial intelligence which means that it can automatically detect a data change using delta logic. Longview knows what data intersection has changed and based on this knowledge knows precisely which consolidation calculations to run. That’s intelligent!
  • Access your data in real-time which will accelerate your close, give you more time for analysis and reduce the risk of data integrity errors

Self-Service Analytics and Reporting

  • Users can create and publish reports without relying on IT or consultants using an easy-to-use report designer
  • Bi-directional Excel integration provides added reporting flexibility while keeping data secure
  • Gain deep insight with Longview's advanced analytics, enterprise-grade BI solution – Longview Analytics
  • Tell the story behind the numbers with Longview Disclosure Management

Performance and Scalability

  • Longview has been providing consolidation solutions to large, complex multi-nationals since 1994. We can handle consolidation requirements of any size.
  • With the highest average user count of any vendor, Longview customers can have countless users concurrently accessing the system in real-time
  • To truly achieve a faster close, you need more than just automation - you need real time, intelligent consolidation and you need speed. With our proven track record, count on Longview to deliver speed and performance.

Transform Your Finance Team with Longview Close


Faster Close Cycle - move away from preparing, validating and waiting, and move to analyzing!

  • Automation; replace all your manual tasks with Longview process automation
  • Real-time, intelligent consolidation; all calculations are processed in-memory and in real-time as data is submitted – no more waiting for batch jobs to complete!
  • Eliminate manual input; create direct interfaces with all your source systems
  • Self-service reporting without IT involvement
  • Owned and maintained by finance; no more reliance on IT or consultants to maintain business rules


Disclose results to the street with confidence

  • Reduce risk and improve data integrity by automating data collection and eliminating manual consolidation processes
  • Real-time, intelligent consolidation; your data is always in a fully consolidation state. No need to run manual batch jobs.
  • Plug and play month end validation reports; automated alerts and notification
  • Workflow with review and approvals; data is locked when it's is submitted for approval
  • Avoid errors by using standard plug and play functionality versus custom built processes


Make the right decision, every time, with confidence with Longview

  • Access your data anytime, anywhere and on any device using Longview Analytics
  • Unlock the value of your data by gain quick insight into your company’s performance
  • Achieve full transparency using Longview’s data flow dimension which isolates each data element (import, input, adjustment) and calculations into its own bucket so you know where your data is coming from
  • Full audit trail capabilities and drill-back to underlying transactional data

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"We improved the speed of our financial planning, close, and performance
analysis processes. We automated our global Tax provision modeling with
Longview Tax integrated with corporate Consolidation applications"

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