Analytics with Context

Work with the People and Information You Need Right Here, Right Now.

Information is history…unless you have it right now in the context of the decisions you need to make today. Effective business performance management is about turning information into action, not quarterly reporting or annual plans. That’s why Tidemark Analytics Apps present analysis and activities by process, not report. Simply login, choose a process and begin working with the most up-to-date data and the right people in context.

  • Answer your own questions within configurable and ad hoc processes.
  • Act with collaborators and share an over-the-shoulder view of the details.
  • Capture data, analysis, and discussions for future reference.

Planning, Forecasting, and Analytics with Context

  • Why did we have such a big cost overrun in Shanghai and how can we prevent it from happening next quarter?
  • What is the risk to revenue if our largest competitor launches a much-rumored new product?
  • What was the revenue trend for our most profitable customers?
  • Where will labor costs and market conditions be most favorable for workforce expansion?

Tidemark processes enable decision makers to find the answer, understand the risk, engage with collaborators, and take the right action. No piecing together spreadsheets or digging through emails to find out why. All the information and collaboration happens in the process.

Analytics for Everyone, Everywhere

A powerful enterprise analytics platform brings together strategic, operational, financial, and unstructured data. Enterprise apps put the analysis in context for everyone to use on any device.

Tidemark - Financial Planning

Financial Planning App drives participation in planning revenue, workforce expense, operating expense, capital expenditures, or balance sheet and cash flow.

Tidemark - Operational Planning

Operational Planning App simplifies headcount planning, sales and operational planning, and profitability modeling.

Tidemark - Metrics Management

Metrics Management App gives you the full context to take action with performance reviews, metric target setting, and external reporting.

Tidemark - Revenue Forcast

Connect People to Take Action

Whether your process is highly structured or completely unstructured, your people get a clear picture of where they are and what needs to be done. Collaboration takes place in the process with a shared view of the exact analysis and data referenced.

  • Make better decisions, faster with immediate access to analysis within your process.
  • Capture process details, including reports, collaborations, and actions taken.
  • Collaborate with the people who have the most at stake in the process.
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