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Tidemark gives us the functionality, and flexibility to budget in the Workday data model and see the results at all levels of the organization.

Susan Howitt,
Associate Vice President for Budget and Planning, Brown University

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Decision-making in Everyone's Hands

The modern planning, rich reporting,
analytics and data-driven collaborative decisions give us a distinct edge over the competition.

Mike D. Kail, VP of IT Operations, Netflix

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We envision using Playbooks to
replace our Budget Binder and
many of the other reporting books
we currently use.

Kristi Duncan, Senior VP of Finance, Ernest Health


Tidemark's transformative solution is paramount in the shift away from Excel-based forecasting and modeling into a world where a real-time view is differentiating. In addition, the rich reporting, analytics and data-driven collaborative decisions give us a distinct edge over the competition.

Mike D. Kail, VP of IT Operations, Netflix

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Latest Insights for Transformation

The CFO Guidebook on Business Transformation

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“... says what sets his software apart from the crowd is its fast and sleek design. He also said that, unlike the others, his apps can help businesses turn statistics into a story. Modern analytics need to solve modern problems... ”
“The big change now is not that everyone is an I.T. manager – there are still plenty of ways companies will control devices, access to computers, and data – but that everyone is a consumer of a lot of data. Making that easy on them will most likely be a winning strategy.”
“The startup seeks to replace legacy analytics products from SAP, Oracle, and IBM with its multi-tenant, cloud-based offering that can be deployed in 90 days. So far, it’s working...”
“Imagine what you could do if you could easily whip up a fancy-looking infographic using your company’s live data in order to make a presentation to the board of directors or a potential customer.”
“For those of us who have been around this kind of software for years, Tidemark’s breakthroughs are breathtaking.”

— Ben Horowitz, Founding Partner of Andreessen Horowitz

“The definition of insanity is assuming the same planning process will get you a different result. We needed to break free of the past, and change the process completely, where the executives are leveraging Tidemark to run scenarios themselves, not just FP&A.”

— Ashley Johnson, CFO ServiceSource

“We believe Tidemark’s planning and forecasting applications will provide tremendous value to our organization by enhancing and re-defining our processes to be more flexible, consistent, and efficient. Tidemark’s smart apps, collaboration and focus on rapid success will help us to quickly turn insight into action.”

— Tiffany Kice, EVP, CFO & Treasurer CEC Entertainment